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An Open Letter from a Client

May 28, 2021 . by Solutions4Marketing

Hi Smokefreelife Berkshire!

Thank you so much for the help you have given me since starting the programme on Monday 15th March 2020.

At first, I wondered, “Will this really work?”. However, a lot of things were in my favour:

  • I had my first Covid-19 jab coming up.
  • The country was on lockdown so no pubs social gatherings.
  • The vapes were half price at the BP garage …strange but true as the vape shop was on lockdown!

It was time for me…

My Situation

  • I smoked between 10-20 cigarettes a day.
  • I hated the price, the dependency, the habit, the smell on my clothes, my teeth and breath.
  • In the early days, I filled a jar with water and old butts and would look at it and say this is what is going through your body.

My Behaviour

I was able to adapt through patches and vaping. I noticed when I didn’t have a patch on, my feelings towards cigarettes changed. I realised:

  • I really dislike the smell.
  • It is actually anti-social to keep having to go outside.
  • I ate a lot more (this has now eased off, but my hands were constantly itching for something to do, although the vape has helped)
  • I had constipation (this was eased by eating more fruit).

Impact on My Life

  • I now hardly use my vape.
  • My wallet and bank balance are substantially better.
  • My appetite and taste are back.
  • I eat a lot more fruit and I can taste it!


I have fortnightly telephone conversations with my advisor, who I found a great help. She was open, honest, and non-judgmental, suggesting rather than giving an opinion; it really helped! As a result, I identified my traits /habits and worked out how to change them.

I feel I have made major steps and each day I am getting stronger about not having to smoke a cigarette.

I hope you do not feel I am doing you out of a job in a strange way …but THANK YOU …your service has been excellent!

This letter was sent directly from the client to Smokefreelife Berkshire with minor edits to protect anonymity.

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