"Our pets are just as at risk from passive smoking as human beings. The evidence is irrefutable. Severe, life-threatening conditions caused by passive smoking related problems are, unfortunately, something we still see fairly regularly in everyday veterinary practice. Initiatives like this from Smokefreelife Berkshire are crucial to try and raise awareness to this issue - helping people and their pets."

Dr Simon Ratcliffe - Kelperland Veterinary Centre Maidenhead

Many studies show that second-hand smoking and tobacco exposure increases health risks to your pets and has been associated with:

Oral Cancer and Lymphoma in Cats: they lick themselves as part of their grooming and because of this they ingest dangerous carcinogens that are absorbed by their fur

Allergies, Nasal Cancer and Lung Cancer in dogs: long nosed dogs have a greater risk of developing nasal cancer while small/medium nose dogs have a greater risk of developing lung cancer.

Respiratory problems and Lung Cancer in small furry pets and birds.

Fish kept in tanks and aquariums can suffer the effects of second hand smoke as it can introduce toxins into the water in which they live and lead to failure to thrive.

Amphibians and Reptiles are sensitive to airborne toxins. Second-hand smoke from cigars and cigarettes can cause chronic eye, skin, and respiratory disease.

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